Monday, November 15, 2010


I have spent the last few hours reading over some of the adventures of my life. I am so thankful I recorded so many of my adventures, because it is so easy to get all caught up in life and never think to write any of it down. Pictures just don't do memories justice. Not that I take any, because I can rarely find my camera, and I like to let other people just email them to me anyway. Actually writing down how I felt or what was really going on are the best gifts I can give.
Lets be honest here, one day I''ll be old and lonely and I will look back at my pictures of Disney World 2010 to see us all smiling and happy looking. Ill think, "oh wasn't that trip just the best thing that ever happened to us?! Look how happy we were!" And we were, but I wont remember how it took us an hour to get to the park because I was cheap and didn't stay on the monorail. Or that Don and I had just finished up a fight over who was actually responsible for loosing Annaliese's charm bracelet. A charm bracelet that took her all of 4 minutes to make, but somehow it was her most important belonging and if she didn't cry and wallow around in her own misery for at least an hour we might not know that.
Now I am on another adventure. One that includes a small business, lice, and me. I will make sure to write more about it because one day when I'm all rich from it, I will want to read about how I did it. Well me and Oprah will anyway.

BTW the website is
We serve Oklahoma and Dallas Fort Worth

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lorelai Mae

Lorelai (pronounced Lore ah lie)
Mae (After my grandmother and Dons great grandmother)
6lbs 5oz
181/4 in.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, well, well...

So it may have been a month or four or five since I last visited this blog. I have a good reason. You know, I was doing stuff, like, you know, stuff. OK, it is called laziness and I admit that. In fact I embrace it. It is mine to own.

As many of you know, we are expecting Steel baby #3 in July. I am 23 weeks today, for those of you non math people, that is almost 6 months. It has been such an adventure doing this for the third time. Let me take you back a little to the other times I have gained significant amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Or been pregnant.

I remember when I was pregnant with the girl. I moaned and complained and rolled around thinking no one ever... on this earth...ever... has been as miserable as me. It was hot and I was fat, and I had all the time in the world to lay around after work, in my bra and undies, and eat. Oh, and I worried that she might not be developing right, or if I felt her move 20 times in one hour. I have a hard time believing that Don actually loved me back then. After she was born, well after about 4 months when I actually started to like her, I doted on her every move and need. She knew every color, shape, letter, object, you name it she knew it. I worried if she scraped her knee or bumped her head, if I played with her enough or too much, and how much some of my actions would cost her in therapy. I pushed her to be smarter and stronger.

Then I got pregnant with the boy. I realized that I was in fact not the only person to have ever been pregnant, and that most likely, this not being a third world country and all, that I would survive pregnancy. I was no longer able to lay around and moan and complain, because, that girl that I had given birth to earlier, could give a shit. She had things she needed to do, and my big belly and whatever was inside of it could just get over it. This left very little time for self indulgence and remembering to count how many times he kicked me in an hour or if I ate too much lunch meat or hot dogs, or whatever it is you cant eat. When he was born, he got shuffled around, everyone was allowed to hold him and cough on him, and rarely do I remember to tell him about his colors and shapes. He is over indulged with sweets and carried around because I actually enjoy his babyness instead of worrying so much about it. He is the baby of the family and I could have 15 more children and you will have a hard time convincing him otherwise.

This time, I forget I am pregnant, until I get kicked for sitting hunched over, or every time I pee on myself because the weather can't decide what to do and consequently I sneeze all the time. I lay in bed at night not wallowing in my misery, but actually sleeping, preparing for the 7:30 hour when two other children expect to be fed, and need to catch what Handy Manny and his talking tools are up to. Those crazy talking tools, you cant let 'em out of your sight for a minute.

This baby is going to get swept up into the shuffle of the crazy Steel's. We will love it and coo over it, and it has two siblings waiting to fight over who gets to feed it and sleep with it. We really are looking forward to July, when our last, and much awaited member, joins the ranks.